About The Trial

We believe that we are in front of the “Best of the Best” and that the truth will prevail.

I was in front of the “Worst of the Worst” and the truth was never heard

During my trial i asked his honorable judge these questions. Please review my documents which proves that the the witness was lying under oath.

Question 1: If the witness was telling the truth, how was she able to turn an 11.000PD dump truck 180 degrees with a jack from rock c?

Question 2: If the witness was telling the truth ( and this proves she lied ) when she gave her evidence that the front differential was straddled across rock – c, I am you again how was the 11.000PD dump truck able to stay 4 or 5 feet in the air from January 14th 2008 until March 29th 2008 on top of maple trees that are in perfect form and not broken, wilted or damaged in any way.

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