• Wrongly Convicted - A Miscarriage of Justice

    My name is John Bradley Atkinson. I was wrongly convicted in 2010 and have spent the years since then in the Canadian prison system for crimes that I have proven in a court of law that I did not commit. This is nothing less than a planned miscarriage of justice.


    This is a sad day for the honest attourneys and judges when a few bad apples can bring so much grief, pain and suffering to one person for the past 5 and a half years when the evidence is such that it proves that I was convicted long before we went to trial.

    Even when I provided fresh evidence that proved that I was innocent of all charges, I was accused by the judge of “Just trying to retry the case” which I was not, but nobody listened; not the Judge nor the Crown.


    You will see by the evidence that I have made available to you on my website, that the witness evidence does not support what they said happened during the trial (under oath) and that the Judge nor the Crown would not listen to me or address any new evidence regarding the case. Five lawyers later, I am having to represent myself in court and I have compiled a stronger case than all five put together.


    We the people, count on trust and honesty in our justice system, and we believe that we will get a fair and open trial in which to prove our innocence. This was not the case for me.

    John Bradley Atkinson


    Please browse these Court Documents to see for yourself how I produced overwhelming evidence of my innocence which the crown ignored.

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